First, the store image support

CASO has reached a strategic alliance with a number of brand home stores across the country to solve the problem of franchisee location selection, providing a unified national store image, display design plan, CIS manual, shopping guide training manual, terminal operation management manual. Provide free floor plan, renderings, construction drawings for franchisees and dealers, and provide high decoration subsidies;

Second, to force the store to support

The exhibition manager provides free assistance to set up the venue. The company provides a specific opening marketing, promotion and promotion plan for the franchisees free of charge. The company implements the rebate policy according to the franchisee's monthly and annual delivery amount, and the unsalable samples are repurchased with a 20% discount on the supply price. Let you have no worries;

Third, strong advertising support

According to the actual situation of each franchisee, there will be selective promotion and promotion of the work cards in the local advantage print media and large-scale furniture exhibitions, which will provide strong support for the brand market;

Fourth, operational training support

The company has implemented an advanced international franchise business management model, and set up a special regional manager, which will provide comprehensive knowledge-assisted training for store managers and staff, explain sales skills, retail monopoly characteristics, terminal store management system, and guide goods. All aspects of display, replenishment, ordering, etc., to ensure the steady and rapid development of dealers;

V. Activity support

A. Regular promotion: The company will hold various promotional activities on major holidays and store days, and provide propaganda suggestions and promotional materials to each franchise store;

B. Irregular promotion: The company will use various business opportunities for instant propaganda. At that time, the headquarters will uniformly deploy the promotion strategies of each franchise store, and issue huge posters, POPs, leaflets, gifts, etc.;

Six, after-sales support

The company set up a professional after-sales service department, set up a perfect after-sales service system, so that the franchisees have no worries.