First, product advantages

CASO is centered on the sofa, with a variety of soft furnishings and accessories filled with warm atmosphere, focusing on creating a quality living room. The top design from Italy combines the western living room art, practical functions of life and modern people's pursuit of health, environmental protection and nature to form a unique style that makes people shine.

Second, excellent quality

CASO has always been committed to the development of unique products and the provision of excellent service. In the material selection and every manufacturing process of the products, we strictly control the quality, strive for excellence and create first-class quality.

Third, the store advantage

The Ai Aishang home store system is divided into two levels and three categories. Different product categories are positioned for different store systems to meet the actual business needs of the store, while reducing the cost of store decoration. Suitable for franchisees to differentiate the market positioning and style positioning according to the market environment.

Fourth, management advantages

CASO provides franchisees with practical and effective management tools to help franchisees to conduct commodity inventory inquiry, sales analysis and import, sales and storage management. Assist franchisees to improve management and store operation capabilities.

Fifth, the promotion advantage

According to the different categories, the company provides supporting promotional items to help franchisees increase terminal sales. Each year, the company provides local advertising investment subsidies based on the sales of the specialty stores. According to the different store management system, the company provides corresponding decoration investment subsidies. Reduce the pressure on the market development of franchisees and market operation risks.

Six, service advantages

The company has professional planning services for the franchisees, training team, retail management team, the whole process of assisting franchisees from renovation, opening to the later continuous operation management and guidance, truly consider the internal mechanism, provide professional for franchisees Concentrate on service.