"CASO" home brand generated and inspired by the chairman and founder of the brand ---- Mr. Wang Zhuanwu, he is an honest, kind, loving home people of Chunai, is a down to earth, advocating quality a view of the product of hard work to achieve excellence entrepreneurs.

"CASO" start to be OEM manufacturer for the most famous brand in China, after six years of accumulation, the product process, technology, design and other aspects have accumulated deep inside.

 In early 2016, the brand division was formally established, profound knowledge, a unique philosophy, than to color, line, technology, perfect fusion of material, "CASO" is to the pursuit of excellence for the idea, interpretation of fashion for positioning, for the purpose of environmental health so that practical high degree of harmony and beauty, fashion and create a unique space, enjoy the interpretation of the noble elements of home life, truly allows customers to enjoy the cost-effective products and services.

The company has 25,000 square meters, modern production equipment, high-end R & D system and innovative team. The company also has foreign trade division, every day, the products of CASO are exported to France, Germany, the United States, Canada and other overseas dozens of countries and regions, at home and abroad and won the insterests of the dealers and consumers.

"Simple goodness, love forever, affordable products," CASO looks forward to your hand in hand!