"Corporate Vision

Make a hundred furniture Enterprise: market-oriented to rely on talent, innovation-driven, with advanced technology, equipment and processes, based on a brand name as the guiding ideology, the scientific management of the soul toward the century furniture business objectives steady progress .

A high-quality living culture: the company initiated best quality and innovative design, each product are strived for, and with a distinctive style, stylish and sophisticated. Bring users to easily enjoy the feeling of joy of life extension, product showcase artistic atmosphere, so that art and life blend, and build, a combination of fashion and quality!


The Core Values of CASO

1, Honesty honesty is a virtue, is a culture, integrity, is the first brand of enterprise development.

2, Rigor Rigor is the each person's style of doing things in CASO, we all know that success depends on details, focus on every details.

3. Collaboration Collaboration by definition is ""to work together"", is a higher level of cooperation, is more active, more active cooperation.

4, Quality craftsmanship is the core for every piece of products in order to achieve excellence, but also the life of the company.

5. Innovation Innovation is the resource integration, innovation is the soul of CASO. the development of the times is the best embodiment of innovation, innovation is the source of corporate competitiveness, the ultimate goal.


Company Culture

1, Atititude Culture 

A positive attitude and cultural attitude lead to successful career. 

Crooked attitude leads to failure.

2, The company's culture of responsibility 

Everything has my responsibility, which is the company's employees thought patterns.

3, Executing Culture There is no reason to perform, resolutely implement, which is the implementation of the company's culture.

4, Our mission is to be a leader in the furniture market, furniture brand leader, an advocate of good living, quality furniture suppliers, driven by the wealth of life.

5, Strategic goal to build a world-class Chinese furniture brand.

6, Scientific management philosophy, humane, systematic.

7, The spirit of enterprise diligent, pragmatic, hard work and self-transcendence.

8, The quality of the idea of globalization procurement, testing internationalization process standardization.

9, Two staff working principle of benevolence, three for the public, the structure is the mutual support and win-win principle is that we work in cooperation"